Sam Michaelson is the new head soldier at the ARC. He outranks Becker as a major. He is killed by a pack of Camouflage Beasts while trying to arrest Connor for stealing the Artefact.

Episode 6.1

he first appears in Lester's office for briefing on ARC operations. Becker walks in and discovers that Sam is his replacement. He stays calm and has a discussion about anomalies with Sam. When Sam leaves the office, Becker storms it in rage. Later, Sam shoots a Dimetrodon to death despite Abby's protest.

Episode 6.2

He suggests using flamethrowers to take out a Megalosaurus pack. He incinerated two before Abby knocks him down, and he warns her that if she assaults a superior officer again, she will be arrested. Lester later rewards him for his bravery, and Abby storms into his office and helps Becker smash his stuff.

Episode 6.3

He sees Connor working on the replacement Matrix and tries to examine it. Connor shoves him into a wall when he tries to delete an anomaly because the alert is over. Sam threatens to arrest him for assault on a soldier. Later, he is wounded by an Opterosauran after he shoots at an Imperiasaurus, and he attempts to kill it. Connor punches him in the face, and Sam knocks him unconscious. Afterwards, a raptor chases him into the Cretaceous, where he is trapped against a cliff by a Giganatosaurus. Connor saves his life and gets his leg broken by an Opterosauran, and Sam only gives him charges for assault and injuring a soldier. After he recovers from the Opterosauran attack, Lester gives him a purple heart for sustaining his injuries, and Connor gets a night in jail with a broken leg. Connor later escapes with Abby's help, and they let Sid and Nancy loose in Sam's apartment. After they chew up a form for a decoration, Sam leaves in fury.

Episode 6.5

Sam assists Mara Logger in taking over the ARC at the orders of the Minister and gets promoted to Colonel. He arrests Connor for taking the unfinished Artefact with him to the old ARC. Connor is taken to the ARC and reported to Lester and Mara. However, Abby tricks Mara into shooting at Sam, at which point Sam agrees to help Lester. He then fools Mara into sneaking into the Member's Bar at the House of Commons, at which point the Minister kicks her out of the ARC. He then arrests Connor anyway.

Episode 6.6

He comes to an anomaly site with a Terror Bird under control by Mara causing chaos. He orders Becker to shoot the bird to death. Becker refuses, and Sam promises to arrest him for unbecoming an officer. He shoots the terror bird himself. Abby gives him a speech on how valuable the creatures are. He calls her a traitor and goes to his office.

Episode 6.7

He puts Becker on trial and has him put in prison for 10 years. Mara takes the ARC by force and puts Sam in charge as team leader. He agrees and arrests Connor when he assaults Mara and steals the Artefact. While Mara launches her attack and sends creatures to attack London, Sam chase Connor to the Abandoned House and chains him to the door. Connor tries to warn him about the Camouflage Beasts sneaking up behind him, but Sam ignores him. Connor is forced to watch helplessly as the beasts drag him into the attic and through an anomaly, where he is presumably torn to shreds before Mara can reprogram the Camobeasts.